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Eurasia's mission is to make investing more convenient and easier. Zero fees, low thresholds, and our user-friendly platform make stock investing accessible to all. You can also invest in fractional shares. Fractional shares are shares that are less than one share and are part of a single stock. Fractional shares enable you to buy shares in the amount you want to invest.
Benefits of stock trading on the Eurasian platform
Invest in your favorite stocks, enjoy zero commission, buy whole or fractional shares and build your own portfolio.
我们的营收绝大部分来自点差,小部分源于其他费用。 我们致力于打造持久稳定的客户关系,提供丰富的工具帮助您的交易。
Ownership of the underlying asset
Minimum transaction amount as low as $10
Dividend collection
From multiple exchanges around the world
More than 3,000 stocks to choose from
Putting the world of stocks at your fingertips
From technology to healthcare, from the UK to Hong Kong, Eurasia gives traders real-time access to stocks on the world's top exchanges. Fill your portfolio with a wide range of leading global stocks without commissions.
Why choose Eurasian?
The Eurasia platform is regulated by the FCA, ASIC and FINRA, your funds are protected by industry-leading security protocols and we never share your private data without your permission.
Ready to invest in the global stock market? Join millions of users and invest in your favorite brands wherever they are!
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