We offer our clients two main investment portfolios, one for token pledging and one for investing in the digital financial sector. Both ways can help you hold cryptocurrencies while "and derive your digital assets".
What does token pledge for profit pledge mean?
Pledging through the Eurasia platform allows users who own and hold backed cryptocurrencies; to be rewarded through the pledging mechanism on the Eurasia platform. This means that users can increase their crypto asset holdings through the Eurasia platform in a similar way to the money interest mechanism.
Benefit From Pledging
Pledging with the Eurasia platform is simple, secure and hassle-free. Pledge rewards are paid to the user monthly in supported crypto assets without any action on the part of the user. We keep a small portion of the proceeds as a fee during the pledging process and use it to cover the various operational, technical and legal costs involved. In this way, we are able to more carefully protect the user's crypto assets from any additional risks.
Crypto assets and pledge rewards we support include:
Digital Finance Sector Investment
You have access to multiple ecosystem segments such as Token, DeFi, GameFi, DAO and more. We earn well above market returns by holding assets from pre-project private placements and investing directly in the leading tokens of these segments.
Disclaimer: Currently, the purchase of trading crypto assets is not regulated in most countries around the world; as it is not regulated by the regulatory framework and also not protected by the law. Here investors need to be clear about the risks of these capital facets.
Investment Program