Be a smart investor Take a smart and innovative approach to personal investing with Eurasia's readily diversified portfolio.
What is an Intelligent Portfolio?
Smart Portfolios are innovative long-term investment portfolios curated by Eurasia's top team of analysts. Each Smart Portfolio has its own unique investment strategy and is a convenient and diversified way to understand the major market trends shaping today's world without paying portfolio management fees.
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We currently offer four main investment options to choose from and you are free to combine all four and start your investment.
Intelligent Portfolio Advantage
A fully diversified portfolio is one of the best risk management strategies. While assets have a common theme, they can span different sub-sectors, regions, and even asset classes.
Long Range
Through in-depth research and analysis, we select companies and assets from around the world that are recognised as high quality targets and have the greatest potential for a buy-and-hold approach based on current data.
Low Threshold
We will set a very low threshold of entry, making the company's innovative products available to any level of investor and functioning as a diversified portfolio of assets.
Adaptation to Change
Intelligent portfolios are created using state-of-the-art technology and advanced data, and are designed to adapt to changing market conditions. We are constantly updating our investment strategies and selecting more intelligent portfolios for the market to choose from.
Access to investment steps
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Commit capital to start your investment
Compound interest: When a portfolio receives a profit distribution, the profit can be reinvested in the portfolio's holdings, accelerating capital accumulation.
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